Used Up for Good

Used Up for Good.png

God can use anyone to share His love, even in the midst of less than ideal circumstances.

Do you long for God to use your gifts for the kingdom but doubt the dreams He’s placed in your heart? How do you work at your calling in the midst of a busy life? Being used by God means being fully available to the work He’s given us in the present moment.

We’ll look at three women from the Bible and how God used challenging circumstances to tell powerful stories through their lives.

In this session, Christina will share how we can:

  • Recognize how the struggles in our lives are an opportunity for God to shine through us.

  • Find purpose in small beginnings which make an impact right where we are.

  • Allow God’s love to infuse our everyday activities.

Used Up for Good is the perfect choice for:

  • A single message of 45-50 minutes OR

  • Three sessions of 45 minutes each

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Christina is a gifted writer and speaker. She easily connects with her audience using a gentle, storytelling style. Christina uses her gifts to draw the reader and listener into her story while leaving her audience wanting more.
— Mary Geisen, Five Minute Friday bloggers' retreat attendee