Share, Don't Scare: Introduce Yourself as the Real You

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Jesus authentically and boldly lived as God’s beloved Son. He shows us how to do the same.

Vulnerability is a buzzword which sounds great in theory, but living this way confidently in the midst of a broken story intimidates the bravest of hearts. Can God empower us to help others even in the midst of our struggle?

With the Psalms and Jesus’ life as our guides, we will explore how a courageous identity is rooted in grace and love.

In this session, we will:

  • Be encouraged to live boldly as God’s beloved.

  • Find freedom to serve others through communal confession, forgiveness, and compassion.

  • Become aware of God working out our salvation when we share doubts, questions, and struggles within safe community.

Share, Don’t Scare works well as:

  • A single session of 45-50 minutes OR

  • Two sessions of 45 minutes each

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I left feeling so inspired and ready to stop comparing myself to others and just be who God made me to be!
— Cindy Smith, R7 Creative Social attendee