No Failure: Writing Your Life with God

No Failure graphic.png

Writing is not only a means of connecting with God. It’s a calling and a process.

Do you doubt your assignment as a writer? Using story, inspiration from other writers, and writing exercises, we will explore how the idea of “not enough” holds us back. We can become the writers we were designed to be by bridging the chasm between being and doing.  

In this session, Christina will share how we can:

  • Understand our purpose and calling more deeply as faith writers and creatives.

  • Identify common obstacles to writing and how we can overcome them.

  • Develop 2-3 brief working drafts.

  • Learn a quick, creative writing methods to enhance any written communication.

No Failure: Writing Your Life with God is an excellent session for:

  • A single workshop of 60-120 minutes OR

  • Two 45 minute workshops

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Christina’s words made you feel so warm and excited to tackle the next project and believe in yourself.
— Cassie Putney, R7 Creative Social attendee