Fill My Gaps, God: The Holy Ache to Be Complete

Fill My Gaps, God graphic.png

We were not made for this world. Our aches for redemption and wholeness echo this. God promises to fulfill our deepest longings, and He will!

Despite our best efforts to do it all, our desires for meaningful connection and a comfortable, beautiful life can become exhausting. Authenticity, humility, and a redemptive definition of suffering help us to see struggle in a new light.

Using desert stories from the Bible and her own wilderness experiences, Christina will share how we can truly follow the steps of our Savior, through grit and glory.

In this session, we will:

  • Understand what heartache and longings say about our need for God and each other.

  • Become aware of God’s presence in the middle of life’s imperfections.

  • Be empowered to live with eternal perspective and purpose.

Fill My Gaps, God is well-suited as:

  • A single session of 45-50 minutes OR 

  • Three sessions of 45 minutes each

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I can honestly tell you that each segment of Christina’s story gave me an ah-ha moment.
— Cindy Smith, R7 Creative Social Attendee